Monday, 4 July 2011

Carefree days :-)

Alf and I

Indie with a new friend

Indie and Alf

Baa baa black sheep

The nibbliest, tickliest, snuffliest piglets,
making the boys laugh uncontrollably

Mama pig seemed unimpressed with feeding her bubs -
but she does have quite a few to satisfy!

 Marshmallow toasting

 Fun in the sun

The cool, cool sea on a hot, hot day

 Smiley ice-cream!

Happy days


  1. When I post my weekly "GratiTuesday" post tomorrow, you should leave a link to this post in your comment...thanks for your beautiful and honest words re. my Making Peace the connections I've made this way. We have lots to learn from and talk about with each other...I'm a school teacher with alternative leanings; my sister is a DONA certified doula, etc...glad to have found you here!....well, I guess you found me, actually.

  2. Wow, having a tinge of envy over here, as we are well and truly into winter. Those summer days are such a joy. Still, we are lucky that there are not many days here that aren't brightened by the sun, even if they are cold. Your children look so happy and relaxed - wishing you a great summer!

  3. Hello Mrs Knitty Gritty and yon Lentilly Croquetty Mama! I am so happy you stopped by here. Welcome :-)

    Mama Knitty - sounds like we do indeed have lots in common and I am really looking forward to getting to know you better :-) x

    Ditto Madame Croquette, I have to say that your blog front picture actually made me feel a tinge of envy too! Palm trees? Looks pretty nice where you are! x