Monday, 18 July 2011

Feet off the ground...

Oh we have been dreaming up a dreamy thing. A whopper.

Something crazy.

Something life-changing.

Something scary.

We've been flying all weekend on the wind of our excitement - of all the possibilities - being carried away, swept away, blown away, spirited away! We've been flying a kite up to the highest heights and sent it soaring!

And as the moon shone and did her secret magic work, we've floated back down to this earth again, a little bewildered, laughing at ourselves, with bits in our hair, windswept, but definitely back firmly on the ground.

Oh the pure joy of big, juicy, crazy, wonderful, dreams!


  1. Wheeeee!! Kiss the sun and the birds for me...I know the feeling you're having and there's nothing quite like it!

  2. Oh blimey, what you been dreaming now crazy momma? Love ya xxx

  3. Darling Viv all I can say is that changes are a coming! Will chew your ear off about it soon enough but it involves relocating a little, not too fantastically far away...

    Mama Knitty, glad to see you're a big dreamer too :-)