Monday, 18 July 2011

Thank You!

I've just hit the 2,000 pageviews mark so am writing a little celebratory post.

Now I know this is small-fry for you long time bloggers, but for me it's an achievement I'm super proud of nonetheless. I never guessed that writing would be something I'd do, so this happy accident has been a nice surprise for me, but I'm thrilled you guys are here reading whatever nonsense comes into my brain and finds itself in your inboxes, and am equally glad you can be bothered enough to keep clicking to see what that crazy home-educating lady is up to! Your messages on the blog and your private encouragement away from it by letter, email, or face-to-face is truly, very much appreciated.

I'm really indebted to Lucy at Dreaming Aloud for her encouragement and praise which gave me that boost I needed to get going at all, since I just kept leaving innanely long comments on her blog for ages before realising I should get one of my own and write random stuff for you guys instead!!! If you haven't checked out Dreaming Aloud yet, get yourself over there pronto, it's all goin on over there. She's writing a proper book, making mojitos, and raising a fine family all the while!

Dreaming Aloud:

And I'm also really glad that Mama Earthly gave me a wee boost by asking me to do an interview, so give it up for her too! Here's a link to her blog where you can find some really inspiring posts:

Give an earthly:

Thank you dear readers and dear friends!



  1. Congratulations! It is such a lovely feeling and I think slightly addictive (I spend way too much time checking my ststs!)I'm very new to all this blogging lark too and it has done quite a bit to increase my confidence. Will have to check the blogs above, especailly the writer one, hopefully I will find some inspiration to get my finger out and begin!!
    Zoe x

  2. Thanks Zoe! Yes, the stat thing is addictive, it's so uncool but I'm terrible for it. Ah well. Why else bother giving the time and energy unless you know folks are reading/enjoying it eh? I'd be happy to be your writing mentor if you like. You can try stuff out on me and I'll give you constructive feedback if you fancy? Drop me an email off list if you fancy ;-)

  3. Thanks Motherfunker! I am also indebted to Lucy for introducing me to such a wonderful online community of natural parents, crafters and all-round free-thinkers :) Every voice in that community inspires me and makes me think about my daily life as a parent (or all-round free-thinking person). We all rock!!