Monday, 25 April 2011

I am who I am because of everyone

Hi, gather round, pull up a seat, how are you doing?

Hope you don't mind my getting carried away and inviting you to my blog before I had anything to say. Got a wee bit excited!

Well it's nice you are here, and before I begin, I want to thank you for being part of my life, past, present or future. I am who I am partly because of you. Yup, every single one of you. Without you, I mean nothing, am nobody. You've all helped shape me in some way. There's a fantastic quote I came across recently which reminded me of this fact:

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born" ~ Anais Nin.

I guess this swings in both directions, huh?

Each of you will know me in different ways. I embrace the different threads of the tapestry of my life and the many incarnations I have lived through. They make me who I am today. I have been through dark times. I have experienced absolute, pure unadulterated joy. Been mad, bad and dangerous to know. Been a low down scumbag and a born again christian. A petty thief. Generous benefactor. Lover. Carer. Seeker of truth. Mother. Wife. Funker. Wiper of poo. Hopeless. Shame-faced. Ecstatic. Ridiculous. Healer. Writer. Stony broke. Flush. Mover. Shaker. Screaming bore. A Joker, a smoker and midnight toker. Soother. Inspirer. Raver. True friend. Crap friend. Rock. Whinger. Sufferer. Teacher. Pupil. Bum!

I guess I share a lot of these things with you all, being, well, human.

But by far the greatest incantation of my life is the one I am living through right now. What could be more exciting? Here and now. Feeling pretty happy about the here and now I can tell you. I have my husband and children mostly to thank for that. Without them, well I really am nothing.

We've come a long, long way together. So here we go! Stay tuned for some more musings. No more boring you all going on about me, me, me. Just thought I should start out by showing you the real deal. I'll try not to stray into weaving a fantasy of my life, nor bore y'all to death with the banalities.

Take care and see you all soon. Bye-bye now.  


  1. hello you shameless self promoter :P

  2. Fantastic to see you blogging. Hurrah! Looking forward to reading more.
    best wishes, Julie.

  3. Thank you, yes brazen self-promoter, that's me! A brazen blog hussy! And 'incarnation' was actually the word I meant to use. D'uh. Forgive my excited fingers on the keyboard.....

  4. Hooray, you got a blog! About bleedin time. V x

  5. Welcome to the blog world. Pretty soon you'll be laying awake at two in the morning composing posts in your head.
    I love your exhaustive list of adjectives. We are all many-fold, but you sound extra wrinkled velvet.
    Might I suggest an about page? When I find a new blog, I always want to get to know the author. You might think that list o' adjectives was long, but I actually want more!

  6. Thank you, thank you dear commenters, viewers, followers, friends. Yes I am one excited lady. I can see how the stats/page view watching thing could get addictive though! I'm sure the novelty of that one will soon wear off...
    Please do send folks my way if you fancy ;-)
    Hey CJ , just for you I will oblige and bore you with me,me,me in time. Watch this space.

  7. Hello again. ;)
    Looking forward to reading more. I seem to have no time for my blog at the moment but one day it will be properly resurrected. :)

  8. Hi Laura, Russ, Phoebe and Ezra. Funny you should mention resurrection as this is the theme for my new post! Glad to have you here in my little patch of cyberspace.