Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Poem for Imperfect Mothers

Imperfect. (My first attempt at poetry, ever!)

If you saw me at my worst
When I said bad things or cursed
When I wasn't quite the soul I wish to be.

Would you always hold it near
In your thoughts when I'm not there
Would it be what you forever think of me?

Will you whisper, will you gossip
Tittle tattle bitch n gossip
She did this n she did that

Will you please cut me some slack?
Will you pat me on the back?
When I pick myself from being on the floor?

It's so easy picking on
Something bad someone has done
Something sad or bad that happened
years ago.

But don't a mama get a break?
Don't we all deserve to shake
Off old crap and really, really let things go?

We are learning things each day
Trying to find a brighter way
Always doing what we think will be the best.

So lets be a little nicer
To each other in this life
Cos it's much too short to hate or waste in strife.

Let's love one another
All us brave and gorgeous mothers
Cos we need to stick together not be split

Into cliquey little groups
feeling smug down to our boots
Putting down the other mamas we don't like

Could be us that does or says,
something she one day regrets,
could be us who needs a hand to lift us back

Time to put our faults aside
Stand together side by side
imperfect mothers all we are

And proud of it!!!


  1. Youve done it again thats so good thanks
    glad we are all just human!!!!!

  2. Hello lovely, have missed you! X

  3. I love love love this!!!!! Awesome mama, keep writing my friend...

  4. I'm thrilled you like it MJ! x

  5. Hear Hear!! Been thinking about this myself lately...Love from one imperfect mama (Maddie)xxxx

  6. Imperfect mama - I think you are wonderful :-) Much love, from me xxx

  7. Who needs perfection when love is much better! Nice poem. x