Thursday, 29 March 2012

Motherfunker's Guide to groovy kids albums....Part 3

Beg, borrow or steal these fabulous albums - LOVE each and every one like a dear friend :-)

Easy listening, happy, soulful sing-along compilation album from feel-good Ziggy
with guest singers  Elisabeth Mitchell,  Jack Johnson, Paul Simon and others. Am listening
to it right now :-)

Oh how beautiful is Elisabeth Mitchell?  Songs about birds ranging from american folk to japanese nursery rhymes.  This is solid gold, honey drizzled, pretty pretty music. I love her cover of Velvet Undrground 'What goes on'.

Another sweet soothing folky, pretty album

"You are my flower" is also very pretty!

This is a charity album for Haiti with songs from some big names.  It is a moving
and gorgeous album.

A raucous, upbeat swingin jazzy album that starts off with Ella Fitzgerald's  super-funky
version of Old Macdonald Had A Farm

I love this little trio of albums. They are a right old mix up of kids tunes. American,
Canadian, English, all sorts. the beauty of these is their randomness. Go read up on
 amazon for a playlist.

This is old school american folk from the legend Woody Guthrie, recorded in 1947.
I had this on repeat play whilst pregnant with Finn and when he was a babe. These songs
 are etched into my heart forever. Only for hardcore folkies!

Mr Leadbelly sings gospel blues with a group of kiddos and belts out this gem of an album.

Grateful dead's gerry Garcia and pal David Grisman's sweet little album of campfire songs sung
 with an earthy american  humour including Elisabeth Cotton's freight train.
There ain't no bugs on me is a favourite sing-along from this album that we will
always have cherished memories of singing with pals.

What are your kids rocking, grooving, funking, jazzing or folking along to?

Xx MF xX


  1. i used that ziggy marley cd at storytime when i was a childrens librarian. love it!

  2. wow, will have to look some of these up! X

  3. big boy loving many hands.. thank you.. fantastic late bday prezzie! x

  4. hi. if you have a 9 year old (I didn't see there age)try the party rocking anthume or earthcwake