Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Let Love Rule

Ok, I know I wasn't going to do any posts at the moment. I've been loving the other stuff I've been doing in the run up to Christmas and so on. We're having a party, pretty much from Friday onwards until about the 4th January. Literally. Among other celebrations, Herbie's birthday will be on the 21st, and we are going to Spain with a bunch of friends for 10 whole days from Boxing Day onwards. There's a lot to do, lots to plan, so it's all about making mince pies and tarting up the house. I've enjoyed just watching some TV of an evening or arsing around on facebook rather than having to do any serious writing. It's been really nice. I've also been gathering some amazing books for research on my book and some fantastic things are falling into place behind the scenes for some BIG changes.

But tonight I really want to write. I've been aching. Hurting. Grieving. Jeez, listening to the news on the radio over the last week had me sobbing yesterday as I drove down the A17. I was listening to a story about a boy of 9 and his mother who had been stabbed by his father before he set the house on fire. I went completely numb. Being a mother of four boys, this kind of story just hurts so much. Being any human at all makes these stories hurt. Also in the news recently a one month old baby who had been terrible abused and was fighting for his life. Then a footballer who hung himself, to everyone's complete and utter shock. The Stephen Lawrence trial was also discussed on the radio yesterday. A man blew up a bunch of innocent strangers in Belgium.... so much pain and suffering, pointless suffering...

I know there is good in the world, I know there is joy. I know there are endless kind deeds, selfless deeds committed every day, by people in every country, of every creed, race, religion. But it hurts that humanity has this capacity for such evil, for such soulessness. Humanity means everyone, including you and me. In other circumstances we might have grown up to be monsters, who were so full of pain and hurt that it could have been us who committed these atrocious acts. It's a scary thought. It hurts that somebody felt so utterly alone and isolated that they would do any of these acts.

Being alone is such a sad place for anyone to be. Which brings me to Christmas. I think everyone is collectively pretty het up about all the wrong things at Christmas-time in some ways. We agonise about having the perfect outfit to wear, the perfect meal to eat, the perfect presents, bla bla bla, perfect perfect perfect.... and yet.....isn't Christmas really about getting under each others skin? This can feel uncomfortable with those who have gotten under it for the wrong reasons, but essentially, Christmas is a time for sharing secrets and confidences, about letting our barriers down, about talking to people we might not normally have much time for? About having the heart-to-hearts with those we are too busy to talk to deeply all year round? 

Is it really about stuffing our faces, getting wazzed and buying and receiving presents that may or may not hit the spot anyway? 

Christmas is a time to spread a ripple of love out there but why should it be confined to a few days of the year? Let's spread a ripple of love and goodwill, of kindness, and favours, right now. Let's commit to it all year round. To be less uptight with each other. To ask each other the question "How are you? and mean it. 

Each good thing we do for someone will likely cause them to do a good turn themselves. It's a gift that keeps on giving, with us at the epicentre of the ripple. With just one kind word we said. Or one generous act. Or simply a smile. We can offer the gift of our ears to really listen to someone. We can give them the gift of touch. Or forgiveness. Or hope. Or confidence. Or rememberance. We can help them with  muscle or time or help or just plain wonga if that's what's most needed.

The ripples of our caring will continue to be felt in the universe and may reach the distant shores of the heart of someone about to kill, or hurt others ..... love spreads.....

Who knows how far love can travel????

Xx Peace xX

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dear darling Blog....

Dearest Blog,

.... I've been pretty distracted with other dreams and schemes recently. I'm sorry. 

Just lately I've gotten pretty sucked into so many activities that I cannot keep up with them all and be a good Mummy too.

Tonight I read a bedtime story to my children for the first time in ages. I'd gotten so tired of being a home-edding, full-time mama that I couldn't wait to get them off to bed so I could spend time with you or some other escapist activity. I started fantasizing about you in the daytime, I wanted to be with you to escape from Pokemon talk, bouncing, drawing cartoons, making messes and having fun. But I've been thinking how precious our time is, how little of it there actually is in the big scheme of things and how I am not really as good at being a superwoman as I would like. Being a superwoman for my kiddos is more important to me really than anything else.

So I'm stepping back from you a little. I've been having an affair with a different project - writing an exciting book (sorry).... and I'm meeting some fantastic people along this journey.... so I'm going to be spending a little more time putting my energy into realising those dreams - time which I have to steal from somewhere....

I love you, I really do. But I'm going to be seeing you a lot less from now on. I'll still pour my visions and dreams out here at your place and we'll have a stack of fun doing it. Our friends will still pop in for a cuppa and we'll make them cake and biscuits, and mess around like old times. But it wont be as often as before. Just for a bit. Just while I get my shit together. And bring back more balance to this joint.

And then we'll seriously GET DOWN 'N' DIRTY again. 


Love 'n' hugs

Xx Motherfunker xX