Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dear darling Blog....

Dearest Blog,

.... I've been pretty distracted with other dreams and schemes recently. I'm sorry. 

Just lately I've gotten pretty sucked into so many activities that I cannot keep up with them all and be a good Mummy too.

Tonight I read a bedtime story to my children for the first time in ages. I'd gotten so tired of being a home-edding, full-time mama that I couldn't wait to get them off to bed so I could spend time with you or some other escapist activity. I started fantasizing about you in the daytime, I wanted to be with you to escape from Pokemon talk, bouncing, drawing cartoons, making messes and having fun. But I've been thinking how precious our time is, how little of it there actually is in the big scheme of things and how I am not really as good at being a superwoman as I would like. Being a superwoman for my kiddos is more important to me really than anything else.

So I'm stepping back from you a little. I've been having an affair with a different project - writing an exciting book (sorry).... and I'm meeting some fantastic people along this journey.... so I'm going to be spending a little more time putting my energy into realising those dreams - time which I have to steal from somewhere....

I love you, I really do. But I'm going to be seeing you a lot less from now on. I'll still pour my visions and dreams out here at your place and we'll have a stack of fun doing it. Our friends will still pop in for a cuppa and we'll make them cake and biscuits, and mess around like old times. But it wont be as often as before. Just for a bit. Just while I get my shit together. And bring back more balance to this joint.

And then we'll seriously GET DOWN 'N' DIRTY again. 


Love 'n' hugs

Xx Motherfunker xX


  1. hey you.
    i am shamed. i've been meaning to write you a damn comment since your down-in-the-dumps post some time back, in which you mentioned feeling discouraged by how few comments you get (something all we bloggers feel, but never admit to)
    i read about 20 blogs regularly (yours included) and almost never comment, even when i like or love what i read. even as i (secretly) mourn my own posts that don't get 'enough' comments! the absurd hippocrasy of it!
    but, that's life. we read, we move on. we are new to this possibility of interaction with the author. it hasn't set in yet.
    on to the subject at hand. you know how i feel about real life breaks from this cursed virtuality. go get 'em girl! suck this world down like the raw oyster she is!

  2. I am so inspired by your new journey. Please don't look at the blog as something you 'can't' do anymore. i think blogs are like treadmills. they are great, handy, convenient places to make your voice heard but given the opportunity, best we get out there and live in the real world and put pen to paper that better simulate the rubber hitting the road.

    I've had similar pushings in my mind of starting a book. Just writing the darn thing. Enough talking about it. I'm so pleased to know I can be a regular blogger because that means there is some consistency and discipline there.

    But the great outdoors is waiting and the treadmill is no match for a journey into the elements of the natural world.

    silly metaphor. But I've gone running on the brain.

    best to you on your new journey! I'll be standing by.

  3. Hey thanks for your thoughts ladies. CJ I am just as bad, I read so much stuff that nourishes my soul, that soothes me, that makes me think, that changes my perspective, and don't thank the author. It's the writers lot I think. How many published authors really know just how much their book meant to every last person? They never will is the god's honest truth.

    I'm not quitting the blog, I 'm just slowing down the posts so folks don't expect them so regularly just right now. There are so many other things going on here, and some whopping great life-changing decisions going on which I can't discuss here cos they're kinda sensitive. And MEGA exciting. I promise I'm absolutely not having a blog tantrum!!!!

    I'm really thrilled about my book project and would so love your contributions CJ and Julie. The spec is pretty wide open at the mo but I will go into specifics pretty soon. On this very blog!