Sunday, 18 March 2012

Holy Mother!

Mama Earth, Mama Gaia teaches us so much about our Mother role here on Earth. Whether we believe in her or not, she is quietly breathing life in this green and blue heavenly patch of the cosmos, giving with one hand and taking away with the other.

She is the bringer of flowers, fruits and good things, she nurtures and rocks us and cradles us. But she is feisty too! If we get too close to her pressure points - expect thunder! Earthquakes! Eruptions of lava! She is divine but made of the earth, holy and awesome, a force to be reckoned with. She makes us gasp, smile, cry. She is as old as the universe and as new as a blossoming bud. She is generous to a fault, but we abuse and ask too much from her.

The holy mother has many faces - more than we could ever invent!



Mother's milk is the first medicine, the first booze, heroin, ecstasy or smoke. It is the ultimate feel-good drug.

The rush of love, the oxytocin-endorphin cocktail is something we chase our whole lives if we missed out on that vital hit. Or when we feel the world cheated us somehow. Most of the pain in the world is mother pain.

Mothers can heal us and hurt us.

Mothers who hurt are hurt themselves.

If you had a mama who hurt, will you break that chain?

One kiss at a time.

One cuddle.

One birth.

One baby.

One apology.

One reconciliation.

One forgiveness.

One phonecall.

One love.

Xx MF xX


Here's a beautiful song from Baaba Mal, about the pain of losing your mother. When they're gone they're gone...

Lyrics to Baayo (The Orphan): If God could turn me into a pigeon
A golden pigeon or a turtle dove
I could fly to my homeland
At Douwayra
Back home where my folks are
If God could give me everything I wish for
Long life, happiness and prosperity
Then I would live always beside
Those who are dear to me
My parents and my friends
While I was in France
Learning more about art and life
One terrible phone call
Summoned me home
Where I found
My mother was already dead and buried
Orphan, Orphan, Orphan
Mama, Mama, Mama, my darling mother
Papa, Papa, Papa, my dear father
Oh Mother most kind
Oh Father full of pity
What sadness when they go
How sacred is the family
Mama, Mama, Mama Aissata
Samba Boubou Yacine Wade
Mother of Fatou, mother of Mama
Mother of Laye Malle and of Chillo
Of Ndeye Khar and of Ndeye Gaye
Of Hameth Malle and Baaba Baidy Baaba Debbo
Ah Mama Aissata Khar Sano Saar and Nar Sarr
Ah Aissata Samba Boubou Yacine
Ah Mama!

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