Friday, 20 April 2012

And the winner is....da da da da da da daaaaa....

Ok lovelies, well as promised, I have asked my darling sis to independently judge your comments on the blog, which I cut 'n' pasted into an email with no names attached and no comment from me. A hard job since each was sweet and I was genuinely moved by each one.

I just want to thank you and am honoured to have you reading, thanks for your time and love. I know that my readers don't always feel brave enough to comment, and that of late my readership per post has trebled so thanks truly for reading!

Well anyway my dears the verdict is that the winner of the mug and tin is.......... Henrietta! And the winner of the book is....... Dawn!

Much love to you others who commented and also to those of you don't comment here but chat/email me away from the blog sometimes to give your support and bloggy appreciation that way.

Big kiss to all you silent and vocal readers. You make it worth writing!



  1. I'd forgotten I'd commented but just thought I'd drop by for a nice read. Funny I got a twitchy excited feeling as your blog post I know why! .I'm so pleased. Thankyou!

    1. You're welcome Henrietta! Can you pm me your address so I can pop your gift in the post? x