Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Moomins! Bookshops! Stripy Bunting!

 * A wee lil' Springtime poem *

Springy days and wetty showers
Comic-making, pretty flowers
Crafting- sewing- painting-fun
Eggy crafts and hot cross buns

Funny fun
When the sun is not sunny
Hot choccy drinks and
Easter bunnies

Moomins! Bookshops! Stripy bunting!
Birdy bird walks and insect hunting
Friends and hugs and chocolate treats
Glitter, eggs and yummy eats

Easter's coming - woohoo - wahay!
Special family time - hurray! :-)


pretty flowers in our garden

eostre pics n cards 

a happy delivery

bunting made for gorgeous abi from this is the tale of an abiSnail

easter chick-chick

colouring moomins

hot choccy

yummy scrummy baby boy bouncing

hanging out

How's your Springtime dear readers?

Xx MF xX


  1. Awesome...I totally love indies face in the cake pic!! Brilliant. Xx

  2. really lovely april showers springtime. lovely poem. x x

  3. These things make me smile :-)