Saturday, 28 April 2012

Craggy cliffs, 3am writings, a little bit of Eden, marbles, smugglers and Cornish Pixies!

Hey everyone!

What you been up to?

Today we got back from a fab holiday to Cornwall via Granny and Grandpa's which was much needed time away from home and work.

We rented a cottage just north of a wee seaside village called Looe, and spent four nights and five days there. I am head-over-heels with Cornwall. We managed to fit in quite a bit...

A visit on the way down there to the wonderful House Of Marbles, where we saw the glassworks and museum, and had great fun (ahem, I mean - mayhem) in the gift-shop....

A day wandering around possibly the prettiest seaside village ever ever ever! - Polperro - where we visited the Smuggler's Museum, Model Village and weaved in and out of the little winding streets that used to be home to a clever tribe of folks who knew how to outfox the customs men - of which I highly approve!

We visited the Eden Project which was a great place to be on a rainy day, and filled our cup with a good dose of lush green tropical heaven. We drove back cross country up and down ziggy zaggy hilly roads and saw some standing stones from behind the screen of our van - too too rainy to get out!

Mucked about in a pretty cove where we felt truly lucky to have the beach almost to ourselves....

And played many a game of fat ladies ( a new card-game we learnt while we were away), and of course, marbles!!!

Just in case it's all sounding just a bit nauseatingly Famous Five, well there was of course a fair dose of sulking, tantrums, and 'I'm Booooored's'. How can you kids be motherf*cking bored when we are out every day doing awesome, supercool stuff???? yeeeesh, there's no pleasing some people!

Nah, but joking aside, it was truly lovely.

One rainy evening, I started to write, and write and write! And about 30 pages later, at 3 am I went to bed one satisfied and happy mama. I can't decide if what I wrote will go towards my book or make up some of my Birth prep Doula pack to give to clients, either way i'm super chuffed. creativity is such a crazy beast - nothing for ages then BAM-BAM-BAM! Suddenly its all flowing out of me like a river of stuff, pen unable to keep up with the speed of my thoughts. Yay!

Some of my fave moments of the holiday were the simplest ones.....singing songs and playing rock-paper- random word! for hours at a time with Alfie, walking along the stream into Polperro and stopping to watch a grey wagtail darting about in the water for a good ten minutes, eating a fishy family meal in an old smuggling inn, driving in our van up and down and round and down - a treat for us fenlanders where the land lies flat for miles and miles in every direction.

Whilst I was away, Feet on The Ground.... celebrated it's official first anniversary without any fanfare but a sudden realisation of what the date was and a curious look back to my first post. So happy birthday blog, I'm off to have a glass of wine to celebrate you properly, 10,500 page-views since that first post, 53 official followers and a few unofficial, here's to another year of me talking random boolacks which is hopefully of some interest and use in your life!

Signing out my lovers as they say in Cornwall. Take it easy :-)

xX MF xX


  1. Happy bloggy-birthday. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Like the sound of rock-paper-random word ;-)

  2. I just did a post about the Versatile Blogger Award and nominated you!

  3. I've been thinking all morning that i should maybe do separate blogs for different things so to get the versatile blogger award is great!

  4. and thank you so much by the way! x

  5. Hi, happy anniversary to your blog! I love reading your ramblings, they frequently make me laugh (can so relate to the sulking, tantrums, etc balancing out a totally awesome time!)and make a lot of sense. I also have creativity spurts too - flat out for days, followed by sometimes long droughts. It is so good if you have the space to make the most of the busy times. Keep up the good blogging and I'll raise my glass to another year or more - CHEERS, Lou xx

  6. You're welcome Lou. I love your blog too! :-) xx

  7. Hey beautiful
    Playing catch up, sorry to hear you have been feeling a little down, glad you are feeling perkier. Sounds like a lovely trip! Happy bloggy anniversary!

  8. Ah, thanks lovely! It'd be really great to catch up, are you guys going pond dipping on Weds? XXX

  9. Oh we love the area round there too. I adore polperro. :)
    Many many happy holiday memories.

    Happy Bloggiversary! :)

    Much love (and eager anticipation of your plans) xx

  10. Be lovely to meet up over herb tea and chat about it soon. Lots of love xx