Friday, 22 July 2011

Living, loving, learning and laughing.

This week has been the big countdown to some fun, fun, fun in our household. For those who don't know what HESFES is, it's basically a week-long party in a field with a whole bunch of other home edders and the biggest of its kind in Europe. Are we are off there on Monday morning - hurray! It will be great not be the only freak in the village for a whole week. We've never been before since it was always too far away for us or the kids were too young, this time it's all going on. We're camping with some gorgeous families from our own local home ed community which will be great since we usually only meet up for a couple of hours here and there, and a little sporadically since we're a spread out bunch, and nice for the dads to chill and be part of it all too. My hubby loves our home ed life but doesn't get to go to many meet-ups since he's working his butt off so we can live this dream in the first place. (Thank you Pete, and all you other home ed daddy-o's - we love you!).

There will be tons of workshops:

Bee keeping - Circus skills - Zumba dance - Science breakfasts - Iron-Age battle re-enactment - Rocket stoves - Fizz rockets -Plastercasting - Coppercraft - Puppet-making - Football - Quigong - Yoga - Creative writing workshops - Theatre performance of Elmer by Blunderbus productions - Live music every night - Disco's - singing workshops - Mask-making - Wire and bead craft - Pixel8 retro gaming programming workshops - Sewing - Table tennis - Children's cabaret - Belly dancing - Poi workshops - parenting skills talks - Sport's day - Green woodworking - Crochet - Radio-controlled cars workshops - Gospel choir and banjo workshops -  Iron age and roman activities - Leather purse making - plant identification walk - Parent and toddler area - Amp Jam - The big draw workshops - Rag rug brooches - Dry felting - Storytelling - Pole-lathe have a go - Tea party...... oh the list goes on and on!

We can't wait! And before that we have the added pleasure of Miss Betty Dare's 1st birthday party campout weekend down in Somerset. So lots of fun travelling around and catching up with folks from all over.

So what else has been going on this week? My iphone takes terrible photos but here are some anyway.

 Hope to have some time to blog whilst we're at HESFES. Until then, have a great weekend everyone and hope that you too are enjoying living, loving, learning and laughing!


  1. We have never been to HESFES either but it sounds fantastic! Hope you have a lovely time & will look forward to reading all about it on the blog!
    Zoe x

  2. Hi Paula
    My mobile is 07854154653 if you get the opportunity to leave site for a bit, otherwise we might try to head over and have a look - i hear it's open to the public too. See you next week hopefully. xx