Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Motherfunker's Guide to...... Groovy Kids albums: Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of Motherfunker's Guide to Groovy Kids albums! There are so many that we love and I wanted to share some of them with you. Over the coming weeks, you'll be taken on a musical journey and hopefully come across some music you hadn't come across or might enjoy listening to with your kids. There's going to be a whole bunch of different styles and sounds from around the world going on here. A right old eclectic mix up.

I would really love to hear about your favourite kids albums, and why you love 'em. What do you boogie to together? What do you sing at the top of your voices? Please share! You can send me your own review which I will include here on future posts in the Motherfunker's Guide to Groovy Kids albums in a Readers Faves section of all future guides. You can send your review to me at onelittlebuffalogirl@hotmail.com

Let me begin with a few of our favourite albums.

'See you on the moon'. is a fantastic wee indie compilation. A big old mash up of styles and sounds and moods and subjects. Folky, punky, electronic, harmonious and even downright chaotic tracks, all mixed together on this genius piece of recording. LOVE it. The opening track is called 'Be nice to people with lice'. What's not to love? Sufjan Stevens, Kid Koala, Hot Chip... it's all good. Don't buy this if you only like your children's music to be quiet and sweet, you'll be disappointed. There'll be some gorgeous albums being reviewed here that tick that box on my later guides. Promise.

Snacktime, by the Barenaked ladies is a wonderful, silly journey of songs for children with heart and humour from a bunch of Canadian fellas. I especially love the snacktime trio of songs, which crease me up every time I hear them. Irreverent and lovable stuff. There's even a mini Pink Floyd moment on one track, which is always good with me.

Now then, now then, now then. Here's another beaut, and British this time. Hurray!

'Colours are brighter' was dreamed up by Belle and Sebastian, the proceeds go to Save The Children, and the tracks are stonkingly good. Tracks from Belle..., The Flaming Lips, Franz Ferdinand, Ivor Cutler Trio, Divine Comedy, Half Man Half Biscuit, The Barcelona Pavilion, to name just some of them but... by 'eck they're ALL good. Really, they are. Here's a rather groovy vid to go with the song Go go Ninja Dinosaur, which I didn't know existed until just now! Love it.

Happy listening folks! By the way, I wrote a piece on the importance of music in education, you can read it here:


  1. We love The Colours are Brighter too. And i'm guessing its not your boys thing but we love Elizabeth Mitchell too. :) oh and tha calamity jane soundtrack! lol x

  2. We love love love Elizabeth Mitchell!!! I would love to get an interview with her for Juno magazine. Would you be interested in reviewing one of her albums for me to go on a future guide? I especially love you are my little bird, but they are all gorgeous :-)