Sunday, 5 June 2011

Out of the closet


Thanks for being here. You guys keep coming back to read my blog and I'm thrilled.

I see you checking me out in Australia, Alaska, America, Czech republic, Poland, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy and Russia, besides here in good old Blighty.

I know a whole bunch of people who are reading my blog, cos I see them in person, but as for the rest of you, well I'm feeling really happy that you keep coming back, whoever you are, in spite of my unsophisticated blogginess. I am still faffing with trying to find the right camera leads to upload more pics.... and you are still reading anyway.

Thank you. I love you all. I appreciate your silent support and readership, even if you don't feel up to leaving a comment. It's ok, I don't mind. I can see from my stats that you are coming back for more, so I must be getting something right.

I want to do some more posts about stuff that really matters to you, and would love to open things up and get some of your ideas and input.

Maybe you have some burning questions about home education, or want help with identifying more resources or authors?

Maybe you'd like to hear more on the Doula thang?

What matters to you? What do you wanna talk about?

How about you come out of your closet and lay some questions/ideas on my table?

Go on!

Possible posts:

* Motherfunker's completely biased list of the best indie music albums for kids.
* What is unschooling?
* What does a Doula dou?

I thought I'd give you folks an option, but I'll go ahead and do one/all of these anyway at some point or another!


  1. Get you Mrs, over 1000 page views, go Motherfunker!! TOld you you needed to get your own blog!

    I don't think I've ever had an Alaskan reader, but I have a regular Iranian!

    You know what I'd like... I'd like you to solve my should I home school dilemma... you've always been really helpful in your advice, so keep it coming cos others might be in the same position - give us a pluses and minuses of home schooling and what your main priorities are and what swings it towards home schooling for you... and what would make you decide to go the school route...

    Your Irish reader xx

  2. Okee dokee, a yin and yang look at homeschooling is in the post, as they say. And thank you for the praise and encouragement and love and comments! I probably wouldn't have gotten a blog if it weren't for you encouraging my rants on dreaming aloud and all your brilliant start up advice! XXX

  3. Me, I'm still waiting for that orgasmic birth ;-)

  4. I promise I will write it one day Viv! Would be great to interview someone who actually had one... Will have to put feelers out for that one!