Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Birthing my creative baby

I have just figured something out in the last few days.

Birthing a creative baby is a little like birthing a real one.

It started with a twinkle in the heart. A dream, a vision. A glorious conception.

The seed takes hold and then it grows slowly over time, gestating 'til it reaches maturity. 

Pregnant with your idea, your dream, your project, you go through the phase of feeling wonderfully glowy and full of beans.

There comes a point when you must withdraw a little from the outside world so you can nest and nurture yourself, and be alone with your thoughts, with your big idea.

Your baby pushes and stretches you beyond many of your comfort zones and you grow fat and heavy with it.

The baby kicks - you can feel the shape of it, play with its toes, but cannot imagine it in its exact form, the features are a hazy vision.

And as it is just before birth you flit between energy boosts and then you feel a little low and the pains come. You decide you don't want this baby after all. What were you thinking? Fuck this hurts! You decide that nope, you're not even actually pregnant at all and you're going to do something completely different altogether.

In transition,  it feels too big, too much, it won't fit. How is this going to come out of me?


And so it was with my new website and blog.

In the end, my little 'creative' baby was easier to birth than I thought! She is a pretty little thing, and an easy peasy baby so far. 

Judging by the 4,700 pagehits and hundreds of 'shares' of my first post in its first week, everyone else must think so too!!! 

If you haven't been over there yet, come on over and take a look at my iccle creative baby.

Big love Xx


  1. Wonderful :) Yes the pregnancy/birth transition works for lots of process I think - I found a similar thing with the change of lifestyle to home ed. And the more women (with the help of fab doulas like you) who get to experience the very real journey through the stages you've described, the more I believe we can confidently step forwards with other creative changes in our lives... and how that will benefit us all as humans.... (cue dream sequence of what the world might be like...!)

  2. Thanks lovelies. I'm loving my new lil' baby and am really proud of her :-)