Saturday, 23 February 2013

New Birthing and Doula blog!

Very exciting news m'dears...

I have had a very exciting few days....

Firstly I became an auntie to a gorgeous lil' baby girlie :-)

I am also delighted to be joining the DOULA UK magazine editorial team and working on some stuff for JUNO MAGAZINE for their summer issue.

And....whilst being in hibernation feeling-pooey-and-ill mode, I have been quietly getting my shiz together and now have a new Doula website and Blog with the help of my lovely techically whizzy Pete and our equally technically whizzy friend Ian, so do pop on over and take a peek.

It's brand spankin' new and I'm rather proud of it. Hope you like it.

Lots of love everyone xxx

Check out my new Birth Blog!

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