Monday, 18 February 2013

Normal service will soon be resumed

Apart from Indie learning to read and a really gorgeous phonecall and skype session with Lucy over at Dreaming Aloud and the company of some friends in the village over the last couple of days, it feels like one of those tumbleweed weeks when nothing in particular happens and the world seems a bit grey.
I've had a horrid cold and felt like my head was in a clamp (fun with bouncy boys in the house) and spent several days literally sat in an armchair by my woodburner just feeling a bit poo with a blankie wrapped round me. Pete has been doing all my jobs. He's been a trooper, but is understandably, knackered.
We're both feeling a bit lost at the mo....restless....uncertain what to do on so many things.
I don't know why we're feeling like this.
I try and cheer myself up with this and that and it works for a while....
Maybe it's the time of year.
Maybe its worrying about our finances since they're all so completely tied up in horrid business wranglings.
Maybe its a hankering for the open road.
Maybe it's the very very BIG talk we had about having more babies or not and all the tears that flowed with it.
There are always things to be grateful for and to look forward to but I'm having a wallowing moment.
I know it will pass and I know happy things are round the corner. They always are....
and I shall soon be launching my new Doula website and Birth Blog.... so watch this space folks!


  1. If you need to wallow, wallow wholeheartedly - like a hippo xxx
    You're in the midst of some big ole changes, it's ok to feel uncertain. This too shall pass. Just like your horrid cold.
    Mwah xxxx

  2. Sending you hugs, we are in a very similar place, don't really know what is our next destination, scary and exciting, and alarming for my nervous system some days. Stay warm! xxxxx

  3. sending love to you mama, I had bronchitus then the flu a week later its been bloody miserable! But sloooow down and if your Mr is a trooper then so much the better let him do it all for a while! Hope you feel better in good time, love and sunshine X

  4. Thank you both x x x Hope you feel better soon too. Rose - I need your address so I know where to send your book! x