Wednesday, 20 February 2013

British History Podcast

Hey. Feeling a little better today and my cold is gone. Yay! I overdid things with my back - boo! So that is sore now. But.... feeling a lot happier. Thanks for the support and bloggy love.

So, moving on, I want to share with you a really great resource which we have been following for a couple of years now. 

It might sound a bit weird that an American should be doing a podcast on British History, but this guy IS actually British, and what is more he is awesome. He truly knows his history, and tells it in such an easygoing way, bringing to life the chronological history of Britain in mini-episodes. He is much more fun to listen to that those serious types (Simon Schama et al) and I often listen to him last thing at night to drift off too (Although I usually listen to then end) Yeah he occasionally bleeps out the odd swear word, but I personally really like that he just talks in a normal and real way and isn't at all pompous. He's done something 93 episodes at the time of writing and half of those were just covering the Romans!

Go check out his podcasts in the itunes store and if you want to listen to them in chronological historical order, then scroll down from the beginning and work your way up the list from the bottom.

and if you likey, go take a look at The British History Podcast Website  He does this job full-time now but nearly had to give it up recently and go get a paid job. Thankfully he has just announced that thanks to donations and support he can afford to make a living from his podcast and website, which I for one am really pleased about!

X Enjoy! X

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