Friday, 15 February 2013

I like Peter and I like Jane

Well who would've guessed it?  Somehow after reading just a few odd words here and there, Indie today can suddenly just read, which he demonstrated today when he brought me a pile of Peter and Jane books and announced that he'd like to read them aloud to me. He then astounded me by reading the whole of 1a, 1b 1c (you have to write in that one) and then half of book 2a! (At which point he realised Peter and Jane is actually really f*cking boring and was starting to parody a bit - but who cares? He's reading. Sentences! )


He actually read the entire first book whilst spinning round and round in circles in the kitchen as I cooked pancakes!

He is one of those kids that reminds me of Sir Ken Robinson's descriptions of children who cannot think unless they're moving their body. Like they literally can't stand still. And that is Indie all over!

He is forever twisting and turning and spinning and moving his body, rarely sitting completely still!

And there it is.

When you don't force, when there are no tears, when you are not trying, when you let them come to it on their own terms and in their own timing, it just happens.

After prompting him with the odd word in the first three books he then announces when he got to 2a, he said "Paula I don't actually need you anymore because I'm actually doing this pretty perfectly on my own!" And so he was.


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