Monday, 25 March 2013

daffodils, glitter and chocolate

I might not post for a little while as I'm going to be spending the week doing other things, but here are some glittery springtime pictures from the cleary household, just because......

 These pics are actually from last year, but once again, I need to look at them to get me in the mood!

I think a little bit of glitter is in order this make up for the fact that both Pete and I are on a no choccy diet for a while - we're being very good so far.... only eaten one of those teeny-tiny shot-glass minipots of chocolate gu each...  I can feel a chocolate truffle-making session coming on this week though.... chocolate.... mmmm..... chocolate.... chocolate..... I dream of you chocolate...... I miss you chocolate dearest.... I can give up all the other stuff, but you are the hardest of all!

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