Friday, 15 March 2013

Nearly nearly Easter!

I had kind of forgotten that Easter was so near and since it's been all snowy I've had trouble getting my head round it!

So this post is to remind me of the fact it really is Spring, colourful, lovely Spring, and almost the time for feasting, putting my bunting back up, bringing in budding apple tree twigs so they bloom and getting colourful and chocolatey!

Here are some pics from last year, which was uber colourful :-)

This year I shall be a feastin' at our place most likely and without the lovely family that we shared this meal with last year.... because I shall be 'on call' for the arrival of a very special little baby that I am so honoured to be doulaing into the world - my first yurt baby! Woohooo! I am very, very excited!

Bring on Easter! 

1 comment:

  1. thank you for the colourful reminder, we been forgetting about spring too what with the horrible dreary weather! very excited for you for the arrival of the yurt baby :) x x x