Thursday, 23 August 2012

Win a motherfunkin' prize!

I can't quite believe that this blog is about to hit the 15,000 pageview mark! It surprises me that anyone reads it at all since I talk about such a mishy mashy variety of topics, in a random order!

I'm really truly grateful that you are here, reading this, whether you are totally new to the blog or a long-time addict.

In celebration of reaching this milestone, I am giving away some goodies which will be a lovely surprise treat in the post, should you be the winner!

I know it's naughty, keeping you in the dark but more fun and suspense, no?

So to win the competition you need to leave a message in the comments box, telling me what you get from reading the blog. Why you look forward to the next post. Has it changed your outlook or helped you to grow in some way?

I will choose a winner by next Friday.

With love and thanks for reading!

X x MF x X


  1. Well, I think it's the actual mish-mash that I love. I've got so many little ideas and inspirations from you. I love lurking!

  2. I read your blog for the posts like the list of free summer fun you made the other day that went on for PAGES !~! How to thank you for the ideas that wills save me a fortune this summer and fall...

  3. Thanks ladies - it's really great to know what people are enjoying about the blog! X

  4. Honest, fresh, intuitive posts :) x

  5. I love your blog for its honesty, and Paula-ness. I love that you make me think. And I love that I can read how you are doing even when I don't see you often.
    I also love when you mention books or CDs and have added bits to my chikdren's wish lists based on your recommendations. :) we even spent some time watching hartbeat after you wrote about it and now Phoebe loves it. So thank you lovely Paula for writing. :) xx

  6. That is super sweet of you Laura. The feelings mutual. Heart to heart/ Soul to soul sharing doesn't need to be face to face! I'm really thrilled that FOTGAHITC (Sounds like I just coughed something up - haha!) ticks so many of your boxes lovely lady! X

  7. I sit silently... and see myself here and there reflected in your words. You articulate many of my thoughts (far better than i ever could) as well as give me food for thought and scatter my day with smiles :)

  8. Thank you dear anonymous! I am glad you are here - whoever you are! x