Thursday, 16 August 2012

science - mtv style

Just recently I made a pretty cool discovery whilst watching science vids on youtube, and whilst i'm not generally a fan of mtv style stuff, I'm prepared to make an exception for Mindblow as these are really educational lil' vids.

If you want to watch three minute episodes of mind-bogglingly fast totally random snippets of cutting- edge technological advances, Mindblow is your show! Japanese robotics, scientific advances, weird and wonderful inventions. Some of them are incredibly useful inventions some are just bonkers. Remember Tommorow's World? Ok well it's pretty much TW on steroids. With an american presenter.

Hence why we watch these in small doses. Kapisce?

Here's the full playlist for all the Mindblow episodes on youtube:

If the MindBlow episodes are a little too hectic for your taste, you may prefer one of the other videos from the same Vsauce peeps. Michael is trying to discover what the most precious and rare metal is in the whole world and does a bunch of cool experiments on his quest. We watched it today. Enjoy!

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