Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Introducing Big.....

Yep, she actually has that on her number plate - BIG 7593! 

Pete is chuffed 'cos he was born in '75 and passed his driving test in '93. 


Aint she a beaut?

She purrs like a cat.

She has butterflies on her right side.

She has a huuuuuge screen at the front.

She has a comfy sofa - with three seat belts on!

Two front seats that swivel!

She has a shower, a loo, a kitchen, a dinette and even a double bedroom!

And we didn't have to do any tree surgery to fit her in the drive - she juuuuuuust about fits with a centimeter to spare either side on the gate - a tight fit but we can do it!

* Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic, BIG BIG love! *


  1. Love love love!!! :)
    Can't wait for more pics! The sofa & front swivel seats are in my dreams for our one day rv too! :) so excited for you xxx

  2. Come over sometime Laura and stay in her, the whole famo would be most welcome! xxx

    Viv - yes. ma'am.

  3. Playing bloggy catchy uppy!! Seems like aaaages since we've seen you all. Glad you are all well, totally loving 'Big'!

  4. Thanks Sue and Mummy P, we had our first adventure in her at the weekend and she didn't disappoint - love her so much already! Thanks for stopping by! X

  5. What a monster, I love it!
    My friend did a luxury travel trip a few years back and came to visit me in his huge £300,00 Winnebago. Talk about tree surgery needed? The Promax Access van was on our driveway for three hours before my friend could even get the vehicle up. He could have just parked in the lane, but he had a hell of a lot of appliances that needed charging!