Monday, 13 August 2012

birthdays, holidays and travellin' days to come!

Wow. Life's been super busy and lots of happy things to report.

Where to begin?

Finn and Herbie loved their Multi-acticity holiday with PGL, doing all kinds of fun new activities - archery, high wires, canoeing, abseiling, and loads more. Both have come back and given it a 10/10, in spite of a few emotional moments for Herb! His lil' home-ed comfort zone was pushed and stretched like never before but he came out stronger and more positive, and more self-assured, in spite of saying half way through the week that he'd like to come home!

Whilst the older boys were away my in-laws lived in and had a few days with Indie and Alf, meaning that me and my man could go away somewhere for our anniversary. We had been looking into going somewhere over the Norfolk broads way, and ended up staying at the fabulous a holistic retreat near Acle. We spent a wonderful few days in a beautiful woodland, staying in a little wooden cabin, with a hot-tub in the garden to view the stars! Sitting in there whilst it rained, and reading stories from arabian nights aloud to each other whilst drinking wine and munching on curly-wurlies was pretty magic! We cycled, we road-tripped, we ate good food, got to rediscover each other and we talked and talked and talked and just mucked about and had a real giggle together, which was fantastic and much needed. The fella that runs the retreat is a lovely man with a kind heart and a switched on attitude, a real dude. We sat smoking rollies with him putting the universe to rights a few times, and he was super relaxed and open. Highly recommend a stay there if you're ever feeling frazzled!

When we came back it was the the night before the day before Indie's 7th birthday. Thursday was a day of baking cakes, and last-minute planning, ready for a trip to the marvellous Bewilderwood with dear friends. Indie really had a blast, the weather was kind to us, and all the grown ups had some special time together too :-) We were sad that a couple of friends couldn't make it at the last minute though- boo - we missed you! ( Promise to make more cake for you..... I have a new teapot!) X

I feel really lucky to have such beautiful friends.

Since then I've been on some Doula training in the Cotswolds with the gorgeous Rebecca Wright - she is so lovely and I would highly recommend her to all Doulas - a very gentle, wise, and grounded lady.

And within the space of seven days, we have realised a dream of ours which we didn't even know about. Tommorow, we are going to collect our new RV...... a 30ft Winnebago! 

She's our ticket to travelling with all the kids and dawgy dog, without doing anything as drastic as selling up, or moving or any of that. How did we not think of this before? And yet here we are. Ka-ping lightbulb moment to on our driveway in just seven days. 

I'm ridiculously excited!

Life is full of ups and downs huh? Some days/weeks/months are all uphill and haaaaard, and then zooooooooom - you are freewheeling, heart-pounding, feeling alive and flowing. Some phases can feel so dead-endy, like you're in a labyrinth going round and round in circles. Sometimes you wander into scary territory, then it's open roads, green lights and big blue skies.  Some days it's a big old mix up of both. Even on this very day, so full of excitement and expectation, some news of a friends daughter's scary brush with death was a moment of grief and horror. Every day brings new things - that's all we can ever guarantee. We cannot stand still, life flows on and on. 

And tommorow, is a new day.

Expect a gushy post and lots of pics of our new bus. Woohoo!


  1. Your friends look so wonderfully present; that's a lovely trait in pals. Congrats on the Winne; travelling will be so different and so fun, i cannot wait to hear about it. Blessings to you all.

  2. Hey Lynda - great to hear from you, thanks for stopping by and commenting here - friends are a gift we give to ourselves -Didn't Robert Louis Stevenson say that? I am so thankful for my friends, without them all I would be very poor indeed. Blessings to you and your family also Lynda! x

  3. What a wonderful time you've been having! :) Sounds great! Lovely pics :)
    So excited for you about the rv! It's a dream of mine also. :) can't wait to see photos! xx

  4. Thanks Laura, we're off to go get her in a bit. Too exciting! Hope to catch up with you soon - maybe Thursday? Big kiss X