Saturday, 12 January 2013

Bringing it all back home

Well doesn't the universe work in mysterious ways?

Just as I was saying how overstretched I was feeling, this week has been one in which lots of lovely and touching gifts have fallen in my lap from thoughtful friends, and there has been much time off and relaxation for my tired mother soul.

This week I have been on call as a back-up Doula, which has been very grounding indeed. The lady I have semi put my life on hold for lives over an hours drive away, and tends to birth rather fast!!! So I have been keeping close to home and avoiding any visits in the opposite direction from hers - just in case. So far no baby but this is good news really - her husband will be home on leave from Monday onwards from Afghanistan, in which case I will no longer be needed, because he will see his baby into this world instead of me - which is what we all want really!!!

Being 'on-call' means having my phone nearby at all times, having a 'just-in-case' bag packed in my car, and generally considering that person in all your plans. A doula doesn't just magically show up at births - the unpredictability means waiting with mama but from afar, and reflecting and turning inward to get into the right frame of heart,mind and soul. As much as the mother prepares for her own birth, a doula also spends time getting into 'the doula zone' in gentle and subtle ways, whilst carrying on with normal life as much as possible!

So this week, instead of going out to see friends, they have come to us. Some good friends that I doula'd for last year came for dinner and had hand-made the most brilliant Christmas gifts ever, making me cry tears of both joy and laughter, and I got to have lots of cuddles with the gorgeous little man who I was lucky enough to witness coming into the world. A very special night all round, with children everywhere :-)

In the middle of the week, I surprised my husband with a night in a (rather posh) local B&B, where we enjoyed an amazing dinner and had the whole night off from parenting, both at the same time - woop woop! Thanks to the loving and trustworthy hands of our friend Nicole. We have made a promise to ourselves to do this a few times a year, hurray! 

And at the end of the week, some other good pals brought delicious organic homemade curry and apple pie and more hand-made gifts - including a leather-bound photo-album for all our holiday pics, and some personalized drinks bottle holders for each child. We had a lovely time all-together - a real houseful :-)

And today, after a good chat with my soul sister Gemma, a friend popped round for a cuppa and a chat which was really lovely, and then my husband looked after the children for most of the day while I went on a mission into our local town. It was great to have some headspace for myself and and then to make things even better I had a lovely conversation with my doula mentor on the phone. She is a very funky and wise grandmother with a gorgeous bohemian soul and is all love and good judgement. Thank you universe, for Suzanne!

So it has been a really grounding and homey week - I have had lots of time to work on my book - (Yes I am still writing it!), time replenishing my energies, time with my husband, time with friends, and time with my children......

Tommorow we're having a verrrrry belated Christmas dinner and overnight stay with our brother-in-law, and on Monday my very dear friend is coming to stay for the night which I am beyond excited about - especially since she is having her fourth child and I haven't been able to give her a single cuddle yet, and I love her so much!

So......balance, which has evaded me for some time, came a-visitin' this week, and what a lovely week it has been!!! So many good people to be thankful for xxx

Next week I am no longer on call so shall be out and about again, oh the call of the wild - I'll be walking in forests and enjoying the freedom to go anywhere I like. And there might be snow - yeeeehaaaa!!! Bring it on.



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely week!
    Will your adventures this week be taking in Eureka on Wednesday? If not, we must arrange a catch up!

  2. It'll be great to catch up properly Viv! Xxx