Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Naked parking instructors....

Yes, you read that correctly!

But before I get to THE MOST HILARIOUS PARKING MOMENT EVER, I'll tell you a little about what we've been up to since I last wrote.

Where was I up to in our trip. Oh yeah - MOZZIES.

That was a particularly grim chapter of the Cleary family roadtrip so far. Between the mozzies and the ants and also staying in a few duff places back-to-back, we felt a little like we'd lost our happy happy way. Everyone was covered in itches, the weather was iffy, I had a frozen shoulder which meant Pete had to do all the 'big' jobs on the bus so he was getting tired too, and we were all kind of getting crabby with each other....

..... and then......

everything kind of got a bit happier again as we drove to Grenada. 


Look at that!

How can you stay grumpy with a view like this out of the bus window? Snow capped mountains! Just an hour inland from the sunny beaches not so far from there.... It just kind of blew away all the crap we'd been feeling, and we felt alive! Glad to be in our bus! Saying 'Wow' every two minutes as we drove round each new bend or up above the clouds!

Woo hoo! We definitely got over our hump, and it felt so good.  

As beautiful as it was, we ended up making a surprising decision not to go the Alhambra.... it was really drizzly and rainy and would be for a few days more, and it didn't feel good to be camped up there at that time - wet weather means everything in the van double-stinks because Martha gets smelly and I don't know if you've ever smelt a damp dog but in the bus it's extra, totally, gross, plus there's always mud that ends up everywhere from everyones shoes. And the boys need to be running about and active every day else we all pay for it by bedtime...

The weather forecast for the coast said 'Sun!' so that's where we headed. I was kind of gutted that the Alhambra didn't work out because it's one of the places I'd said I really wanted to visit this whole trip. It was sooo beautiful from afar - I'm definitely coming back!

Anyway..... that night we free-camped on a perfect spot which just made everything double-alright again. Oh my god, what a spot!

Ok now the next bit is hilarious. Because we wanted to do practical stuff with the van the next day, boring stuff like empty the poo tank and all that, we decided that we'd go to a campsite, where we could do that, re-fill our water tank, get electric hook up to cook a hot meal etc....

So we pulled into a campsite, doing the usual thing of parking up first and doing the reception thing. All seemed pretty normal..... Pete came back.... and then we saw him. Oooh there's a naked guy! Is this? No, surely? Oh my god, we have pulled up into a nudist camp-site! And they wore clothes on the desk and everything!

Where better you might ask, to try and squeeze into the smallest camping spot ever, and scrape our exhaust pipe on a bollard as we go in, only to get completely stuck diagonally...... when we notice that there are a crown of butt-naked elderly people all gathering around our bus, to see the idiots who got stuck!

Ja, you need to come zis vey! Left a bit. Ja!Ja! (Naked man number one is now waving his arms in a frantic circles). Now he's doing diagonal motions with his arms. JA JA JA JA JA!

More naked people come to stare. And help. I don't know how Pete is keeping a straight face.

Meanwhile the kids are all hanging out the back window laughing their heads off going NUDIES!!! Hahahahahaha!!! NUDIES!!! Starting to strip off. "Yay!"  they shout, inbetween giggle-fits.

One of the nudies, an elderly german lady, has realised the innuendo comedy factor as as Pete says "I'm TOO BIG TO FIT!". I think she is trying not to giggle.

Eventually after a 20 point turn scene like the one in Austin Powers, we back out of the space and have to reverse the entire length of the campsite back  to the main entrance, with the lovely naked folk waving at us. And laughing amongst themselves.

Pete just said to me "I probably could have got in that parking space you know....... "

I haven't laughed this much in ages!


  1. That's so hilarious! Im crying with laughter!!! Oh to be a fly on ur wall ;) great pic of Martha she looks mucho chillled! X Sandi

  2. Oh my god if you had been there with us I would have wet myself for sure! There's no way I would have held it together! Martha is totallt loving this holiday, I took that pic after playing around and put Martha's hair up with my orange flowery hair-clip for a laugh, but I think she looks fab! Love you :-) X

  3. Oh my Paula that is hilarious!! I really don't know how you kept it together-I would have been in pieces! Gave me a good chuckle anyway so thank you :) hope the next campsite wasn't quite so "open" :-D xx