Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bored yet? No? Here's some more pics!

No pictures can capture just how magical Carcassonne is. 

Can you tell we're having a grand time? :-)

The lady at the gates

We took a look round the church at Carcassonne....

where Finn very sweetly wanted to light a candle in the church to pay homage to his great grandfather 
who he never got to meet, and his great granny too. Bless him.

Outside one of the mediaeval shops. This might be the one where Herb bought a Lord of The Rings engraved ring on a chain. Only 30 euros! (Gulp!)

Here's a two minute supacheesy looksy at Carcassonne on youtube

There are add-on sets of all kinds to the basic board game. Might look into extending ours this Christmas. 
Apparently there's a PC version too :-)

I pinched this pic off the web but it gives you an idea of the different add-ons.....

Ok enough photo-dumping now! It's raining today but need to move my butt and get on with some jobs, like the huge stinkin' laundry pile - ho hum.

This trip isn't all sightseeing and fun trips - still gotta do the boring stuff too!

Will do some Spanish pics next time. Adios!



  1. Not jealous. Not jealous at all. Oh no.

    Ps/ we have builders & traders add on for Carcassonne - it's fab

  2. If it makes you feel any better my lovely it ain't all peaches 'n' cream here in the bus... we counted up the mozzy bites we've all got and it came in at nearly 200!!! And today I woke to find one end of the bus covered in hundreds of red ants.... my fault for leaving a packet of Madeira cake not properly sealed 100% up in it's platic wrapper. And our laundry pile is massive and stinking and the vans a total mess. Other than that it's all just fabulous! ;-)

    1. Yep, I'm glad to hear its real life too otherwise there'd be something weird and twilighty going on. You are a human family after all and we're subjected to the crazy comings and goings of the cosmos are we not!! I feel really happy that you guys are out there, don't really know why, other than its proof that its possible!!! and that you're spreading your groovy moves :) x

  3. Hey you - great to hear from you. It's possible and we're doing it! Everything is possible if you stay focused enough on your goal :-) x