Sunday, 11 November 2012

More roadtrippin' pics

On top of the world....2km up in the air - weeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Above the clouds....
round and round and up and down the mountains in the Auvergne

A woodland walk high up in the mountains....

Fly agarics were all around us - magic!!!

Indie the geologist was in 7th heaven :-)

More rocks for his collection....
Autumn beauty at the Pont Du Gard....

Isn't it amazing? Been standing for 2000 years.

And a lovely place to cool your feet after all that walking!

Ice creams in Arles

Van Gogh lived here. Pretty cool joining the dots for the kids after we saw his paintings in the Musee D'Orsay

A Roman amphitheatre - lion fighting anyone?

Thumbs up or down?

The view from on top

 Real actual flamingoes. In a nature spot in the Camargue, right next to our camping site.

Lifes a beach!
(Sorry couldn't resist the cheesy pun)



  1. Wow, the Pont Du Gard is amazing, 2000 years old!! Did you walk across?
    It all looks so interesting, and beautiful,
    Sam xx

  2. Hey Sam - yeah the Pont Du Gard was really terrific - we went to the on-site museum of geology there which was all hands-on and interactive, and they had a great section on Romans too. Then walked the half mile to the bridge, which looked stunning in the setting sun. Felt so lucky to be there at such an off-peak tourist time - not many people there. Walked across the bridge and read all the graffiti carved into it from the 1700's, 1800's and 1900's - really fab! Makes you think just how much stuff that bridge has wars.... all sorts. And how many people must have walked along and marvelled at it over the ages? Really humbling moment! Totally recommend a visit there, but go in the late afternoon/early evening, outside of summer holidays, when I imagine it's a whole lot less magical! Loadsa love to you Sam, miss you sweetie x

    1. Arles is twinned with Wisbech! How long are you there for? It all looks lovely, great to hear from you. If you've got the time, the deadline for the next magazine is this weekend.... :):):) Maybe we could put something in from your blog? I'm sure people would really love to hear what you're up to! It's probably a dream of many home educators to go off travelling.

  3. That is such an unlikely twinning. Lucky Arles.... I bet there have been generations of really happy school exchanges on their part.... "Here's a burnt down building!" "Here's some.... errrr.....rabbits!....on a roundabout!" "Mmmm these pastries from Greggs are so delicieux!" "Hurray, they have a Bon Marche!" "Let's climb to the highest point and survey the surroundings!" Where's zat you say? Ze Horse Fair car-park?" Ahhhhh Wisbech....gotta love it. Lorena you can use anything you like. Rip the words and then tell me which pics you want x

  4. LOL! you're so mean! ;) Wisbech will get better, I'm working on it!
    If you'd like to do something new, and can be fast (by the weekend) then that would be lovely; but otherwise, I'll do as you say. We weren't intending on having unoriginal stuff in the magazine, but I don't know how much online time you get, let alone writing time!
    Let me know your preference; email lorena at educationoutsideschool dot co dot uk