Thursday, 15 November 2012

Massacre in the 'Bago

Tonight I have blood on my hands. Oh holy mother of god. I have sinned.
I have committed mass murder.
It's my own fault as well, which makes it even worse.
All I did was leave a packet of cake. I'd opened it at one end, then tucked the packet back over it. 
This morning, hungry for something mmmmmmmm, I went to said packet of cake....and quickly dropped it again.
Bugger! Bugger! Bugger!
Hundreds of ants. On the packet. In the packet. Scuttling to and fro in all directions. Climbing up and down the lead from and into the stereo. All over the dashboard. Crawling out of different places from the front of the bus. About 50cm from the boys feet where they lay asleep, already ravaged with over a hundred mozzy bites between them.
I'd seen a few here and there in the bus in the last few days and ignored them. There had been a few on the jam and honey jars in the cupboard the entire week leading up to MITB day.
How could I be so silly?
What the hell can you do with red ants all over your bus?
I noticed them in other places too. Crawling in a line from the cupboard where the fridge is. Next to my bedside.
After spending a horrible few nights spasmodically lashing out at mozzies in the dark, and the kids looking like they've been in a fight with their poor swollen bite-covered faces, this momma turned into a serial killer.
The ants got sprayed with Dettol, which killed them pretty instantly, thankfully. Any others that were running about, got squished.
I cleaned off the blood from the mosquito splats on the ceiling too, feeling grim.
I am a murderer plain and simple.
I've got blood on my hands.
Ironically - some of it is probably mine!!!


  1. Hee hee, this made me chortle, having faced some of my own worst moments in the battle of the invading ants....but mozzies - they suck!!