Sunday, 30 September 2012

Born Free - Baby Bear is born!

I've been dying to write this post for the last few days about the wonderful birth that I was lucky enough to attend in the wee hours of Thursday morning, my first as a doula, and hopefully the first of many!
There is so much I want to write about this beautiful event - where do I begin?
It started with a phonecall.
A drive in the moonlight - the 3am moon shining in a particular way such as I have never seen before....I smiled and thought it a good omen!
I arrived with mama in the birth pool, already far in, swaying and groaning, doing her thing.
Daddy Bear was fetching hot water, a midwife with angel wings pottered and calmly did her thing.
Things got more and more intense.
Children peeped and hid and peeped again.
Another angel arrived.
Time did an inside-out, back-to-front, upside-down-and-back-again flip!
Mama Bear worked it. Bigtime.
We all showered her in love, encouragement, and praise.
And then in one push..... the baby was born!
Daddy Bear, and three big cubs, gathered around Mama Bear and the littlest cub, brand new, quiet, alert, snuffly!
Wowsers! Easy as that.
The everday miracle of birth was witnessed and felt by all, this primal, messy, animal, and simoultaneously extremely gentle birth!
Welcome to the world, baby BEAR, and well done Mama!



  1. Reading that gave me goosebumps.... Love you xx

  2. Wow. What special, ethereal work you do. I so admire doulas and midwives. Congratulations to this momentous moment in your career - and to the mama and her family.

  3. There's an awesome book called Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin which is a kind of bible amongst Doulas and hippyish midwives - a real heart and soul book about what birthing is really all about, and what helps birthing energy flow well / not so well. It was a life-changing read for me and many other doulas too - its all about the love! :-)

  4. Welcome to the world, baby Bear. And congrats to you on your awesome first doula-ing. (almost) makes me feel broody ;-)

  5. Thanks Viv -it is the most fantastic feeling to have helped Dawn and to have witnessed those things i have trusted in and believed possible and been advocating these last few years :-)

  6. I was lucky enough to read Ina May before the birth of my first. Thank goodness. We have a fabulous Community Midwivery program where I live that has government-funded homebirth midwives. They are awesome, and I found this book in their library. Pretty lucky around here we are.

  7. My dearest wish would be to see copies of books like this handed out instead of the awful bounty packs or Emma's dairy (or whatever other profiteering promotional boolacks they handing out to sell stuff to mamas) - If everyone had the opportunity to read decent birth literature like you did, women would be having awesome births as the norm not the minority.... but hey the pharma companies gotta make a profit out of keeping women afraid!

  8. Thanks for sharing MF, blessings to your beautiful work :) welcome Baby Bear, may you and all the Bear family rest well and enjoy your unfolding days together :)