Monday, 17 October 2011

This little light of mine....

I have a bit of a problem with organised religions. 

I can see how they became so organised. 

But too often I think religion can cloud a person's relationship with the divine, because they get too tangled up in the cultural traditions, politics, dogmas and so on and this actually draws them away from that relationship with what is divine. Plus I can see the wisdom in the essence, at the heart of many different religions - but buying into one - wholesale, lock stock and two smoking barrels?  Isnt that cutting off your nose to spite your face? Why the exclusivity of one faith? To me it seems that each religion is one puzzle piece, in part of a bigger puzzle - each only makes sense within the context of the others.

Just recently I have been really enjoying the free online talks available as part of 
 presented by Goddess Leonie.

I have to admit that when Lucy at Dreaming Aloud first starting gushing about Goddess Leonie, my first thought was "Ummmm, okkkk. What kind of loop calls them-self Goddess?" ..... I thought the whole concept was a bit cuckoo,  a bit OTT fairy-fairy. Not rooted in reality at all.

Oh how wrong a person can be! 

This fantastic lady turns out to be quite exceptional! By calling herself Goddess, she is simply honouring the divine within herself - not denying anyone else inner divinity. Over the last two weeks, I have listened for free to so many talks by wise women, all co-ordinated by Leonie, and feel really privileged to have been able to grow without having to physically attend some conference somewhere with all the hassle of booking time away from the family, and staying in a hotel bla bla bla. I feel like I've had counselling 1:1, business advice, creative help, inspiration, and just so much love and good energy transmitted from the project. I don't know how to repay the goodness, except to honour the wisdom I've learnt and put it out there in the world by continuing to write from the heart, and keep my projects full of spirit and positivity.

What the summit has reminded me, is to stay true to myself, go forth unafraid and proud of my own unique gifts, to celebrate everyone's creativeness and bring the best of myself to the table. and to address the best in each person I know and help them dig it out if they're feeling a bit stuck. Which is why the Namaste poem really spoke to me this morning and why I wanted to share it here.

I think the holy spirit the Christians speak of is the same thing we know from Star Wars as THE FORCE. midi-clorians, energy, spirit, its all the same divine thing. Call it God if you want.

All I know is that if we ignore it, our lives are sad and dull. If we forget that we are divine in nature, that all of nature is inter-connected, that we all have the potential to act from the divine well we have within ourselves, that runs deep, we will be a bit lost, not really fulfilling our soul purpose in life.

So remember dear, divine ones. Make love your goal. Shine a light for yourself and others.




  1. Too true! I haven't been following them all as my connection doesn't allow it, but I absolutely appreciate the sentiment. It's so easy to forget the good within us, to cover it over in muck and detritus and never believe there could be real gold gleaming silently under it all.

    I've never heard of the Namaste poem, thanks for sharing!

  2. We are staaaaardust, we are golden! :-) x

  3. hahaha - you funny creature, I know I was skeptical too, goddess yada yada, but she is totally real and authentic and full of good stuff. very generous of spirit, not up her own arse at all - glad you're enjoying her. The goddess circle is such an incredible resource, and the business e course is SUCH an incredible resource. I truly cannot recommend it highly enough. You can click through from my blog - it costs you the same but I get a financial thank you from her!

  4. I have long been a fan of Goddess Leonie. :) I joined goddess circle when it started and have loved it. Just waiting for next pay packet to renew now. :)
    The summit is amazing and has given me so many aha moments! Really enjoying all the talks. Lucy, if you read this I loved yours! :)

  5. I love that Lucy recorded her talk in her garden shed in the dark with no electricity! It has such a personal home-made feel, don't you think? And so true...I recognised myself in the description of the rainbow mama and her light and dark sides. Beautiful stuff! We'll have to get together sometime soon Laura :-) xx

  6. I think some of the Satanists view themselves as gods, as opposed to an external deity.
    Good post.

  7. I know very little about Satanism I'm afraid. I'd consider myself more in line with Quakerist/Buddhist ideology on the one hand but like to have a good time in a pretty pagan sense and wear bright things! I am the kinda gal who likes Eagles Of Death Metal but equally likes a bit of knitting and a nice cuppa tea. Don't think there's a box for that!