Tuesday, 11 October 2011


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So, what am I grateful for today?

I am grateful today for such a simple thing we take for granted - to be safe and warm.

To have sanctuary from harm.

To have a kind husband, loving children, good friends.

I am grateful for the windy walk this morning with our doggy where we whooshed and whooped and shouted out how glad we were to be alive.

I am grateful to the friend who saw into my soul and did not judge.

I am grateful to the friends who enjoyed the day with us, and gave us such wonderful hugs, and big smiles.

I am grateful to the friend who says she would be delighted to help me in my daily work by being with us two whole days of every week.

I am grateful for the circle of amazing women (and men ) around the world and who touch my life  - you're only as good as the circle of folks around you.

I am grateful for a new drum in my tumble drier which has been out of action for two weeks.

I am grateful for the glass of wine I'm about to drink, and an evening with hubba - he's not working for once - hurray!

What are you grateful for tonight, dear reader?


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  1. I'm grateful you took the time to post this! Sorry it took me so long to visit...I'm way behind in my blog-visits (work takes up so much time!)...a lovely list. Thanks for joining in!