Monday, 8 August 2011

Ooh ah just a little bit, ooh ah, a little bit!

Ok so you may think I'd completely exhausted the whole colouring-in idea after that last post. 'We get it', I hear you say. 'You guys like colouring'. 'A lot.'

Well I just found some more pics which were too good not to share.

Remember the Doodle Book 2 by Taro Gomi? Well here are some pics from that book, that I found on my phone. Did I mention before that I think you should buy it? It's sooo good! The one below was just a tree all by itself, until it got imagined into something new.

You convinced yet?

These books below by Prestel totally deserved a mention last time. They're really fab. They act as muse and prompt by starting you off and leaving the rest up to you. And there's a page at the beginning telling you about the authors.

Here's one from the Dali book. We actually saw this telephone once at an exhibition in Brugge. A totally unplanned random visit as we were only staying one night and had just been discovering Dali with the children. What a treat!  No more about colouring books now, I promise!    :-)

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