Tuesday, 23 August 2011

August Gratituesday....

Welcome to my second Gratituesday, the idea of lovely mama knitty over at 

Ooh I am grateful for a good many things today.

I am really mindful today of the potential power of the kindness of strangers. We really enjoyed this vibe today. I'm grateful for those who have faith in people's good nature. I'm grateful for new friendships, new insights, new people in my life. New philosophies and wisdoms. Of multiple wisdoms and truths.

I'm grateful for my little boy and the newly growing love since we clashed spectacularly of late and we are finding a path to each other again, falling in love again. I'm delighted again by his cheeky spirit instead of simply being exhausted and exasperated by it.

I'm grateful for kind folks who donate their time and energy for things they feel passionate about, without financial reward.

I'm grateful for the goodies that are coming forth from my veg garden, waves of gifts, that seem utterly magical and mysterious and full of good energy!

I'm grateful to be able to live the lifestyle I live. I moan about how hard it is, far too much. But I am lucky. I am grateful that I learnt to drive and have been able to go off having so many days all over the place with the kids. I'm grateful for those quiet days too, when nothing much happens. When we can catch our breath and daydream a little. Consolidate and re-group. Re-gather our thoughts. Get our house back in order.

I'm grateful for everyone in our family's life, for their time, thoughts, and loving care. For their kind words. For sharing this life with us and making it worth living for.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Good question and a lovely blogpost! I'm grateful for my fantabulous hubby and my four little (or not so little) peeps. My youngest daughter told me what a wonderful mummy I am today and it very nearly made me cry. So I suppose I must be doing a better job than I thought
    Zoe x

  2. I'm grateful for vodka and cranberry, your lovely blog post. I am grateful that I have been blessed with four children who are all so different even the identical ones and a husband that is a pain in the arse but equally as brilliant. I am grateful that our universe and our own little spec of a planet exists in the multiverse and therefore we all do too. I am also grateful for change, I like change....