Wednesday, 3 August 2011

HESFES - Part 2... and a hot sticky day

Hello, how's it going? I thought these piccies deserved to make it onto the blog and was trying to include them last time, but computer said No! Aren't they just lovely? We really did have a grand old time. Badge making, walking on stilts, curating our very own museum which we brought for the week to show to friends and random passing festival-goers. Assembling the parts of a plastic heart. Pole-lathey type stuff. Anyway, here's the best of the rest.

Anyway, what's been going on since our return besides washing everyone/everything which seemed to take a whole day just on it's own. (The kids had Gruffalo feet by the end of the week!) Yesterday we hung out with our dear friend Nicole and went swimming which was lots of fun. Finn has finally learnt how to swim and was doing widths. Yay! Indie went fishing with my dad, and was the first to catch anything - a carp! He was very proud of this and was joining in the fishing banter with the other guys at the lake apparently, and he was dubbed a champion fisherman. He came back home an inch or two taller I swear. Sorry fishies.
(me no like fishing personally and think it a little cruel, but ho hum, it's not about me)

Today Finn went on the first of two all-day horse-riding lessons. He loved it, and got a rosette for coming fourth in one of the activities. Bless Indie - he keeps calling it a courgette. He asked me earlier "Mum, do you think maybe I could have a courgette for being such a good massager?" !!! I have to chuckle when I imagine a courgette pinned to his jacket.

Herbie also had a fab day. He attended a multi-sports activity day at the local leisure centre, and as part of it, did some swimming in the big pool for the first time ever. Go Herbie! He was beaming when we went to pick him up.

Meanwhile Indie, Alfred and I melted in the heat and went to a soft play place, where they bounced their hearts out, followed by a woodland walkabout and nature trail.

Tommorow we're spending a couple of hours at a dear friend's house, then going to Ely on Friday to a fortnightly gathering of home ed families. 

Busy days!


  1. Dont forget that nice man who said you were looking pretty!

    Apologies to everyone else as only Paula will understnad this

  2. Ah, was a shame we got cut off! Was good to see you anyway. We'll have to do another video thingy soon. Would be good to talk to Petra too - been too long! Love you both loads xxx

  3. My youngest two love fishing with their dad, not my cup of tea though have to admit. Love all the photo's, not sure my hubby could cope with all the mess of hesfes, he would want to tidy up all the time! Glad you had such a fantastic time though :-)

  4. Hello, thanks for your comments Zoe :-) Sorry I haven't responded sooner, just been away on hols in Wales...will post about it soon, too tired just now! You should defo give HESFES a try, I hate that at Glasto etc you're just wading through rubbish after the first day and how lazy people are with tins and bottles etc... but Hesfes felt absolutely clean and tidy. Apart from a couple of water-bomb balloons, I didn't see any rubbish at all.Its at the same site next year I hear....