Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Homeward Bound

I must confess to feeling a little low now that we have reached the furthest edge of our boomerang journey and are making our way home.

I don't mean to. I know it's been fun and that all good things come to an end.

I know I will be returning to good friends, and a warm, freshly painted home (Thanks Woz!).

We're coming home to two Christmas days with our respective families, to some fun and games for Herbie's Birthday and will be celebrating New Years with friends.

I am excited that we'll be seeing everyone again.

But the cold - oh the cold! The buggering, shitting, cold.

I had a little cry this morning after spending another evening of everyone shivering in this freezing bus - being up in the mountains is a verrrry different story from the coast. Night-time is fine because we just cuddle up super close which is great, but the evenings are just cold. Hence why I keep swigging Captain Morgan's from the bottle - hahahaha!!! Indie scared the hell out of me by collapsing after he threw up the other night - thought he might have meningitis for a minute or two, he seemed a bit gibberish and weak,  but when I asked him he knew who he was and his address etc so I relaxed after that. But a horrid scary moment nonetheless. We woke up today to ice again, with our cold breath filling the van.....Tommorow we were going to go head north to Madrid but -2' at night????? Brrrrrrr!!!! If our van was heated it wouldn't matter.....

So after faffing a bit today - "Shall we go to Cordoba or Seville? Or go back to Tarifa where we know it will be warmer?"  We have decided to head for Seville tommorow. As tempting as it is to go back to the coast, it feels like we'd be going backwards. Nope, we are just going to have to suck it up and keep going, like true adventurers!

I am grateful today for lots of things today too - in case this sounds too much like whingeing....

* I am grateful for lovely Carmen who we have befriended these last few days who is a real darling.

* My amazing hubba who just served up home-made lemonade and burgers for the whole family, and is all-round fantastic.

* The fact that we are in Ronda - an incredibly pretty old town with this famous bridge

* The fact that we have lots and lots of blankets for the cold cold nights!!!!!!! (And more Captain Morgan's)

*  I am truly grateful for this whole adventure and can't believe it is nearly at an end.

No more whingeing.

Slowly slowly homeward we go....where I know that Christmas and New Year are going to kick ass!!!!



  1. That is super kind of you but I think we are pretty normal really!