Thursday, 6 December 2012

Free Agnes Gereb!

Haven't written anything birth-related for a while but I wanted to bring to your attention the plight of a much loved and really special lady who has suffered a campaign of persecution by Hungarian authorities.

Her name is Agnes Gereb.


She has worked as a midwife in Hungary for many years, where homebirth has not been illegal as such but legislation around it was always fluffy. Agnes founded the Hungarian Alternatal Foundation in 1992, co-founded the European Network of Childbirth Assosiations (ENCA) in 1993, and the Association of Independent Midwives in 2008.

Agnes delivered several thousand babies into the world with great love and care, as many mothers will testify, but the authorities chose to pick on a couple of cases where the babies got into difficulties and died. Agnes, a very capable, compassionate, skilled midwife did everything correctly, and the babies tragically didn't make it - something which incidentally the mothers themselves do not blame Agnes for.

Thousands of women around the world and many leading midwives, obstetricians, lawyers, and childbirth educators are trying to bring awareness to the plight of Agnes.

Throughout her time of being imprisoned on and off, and even under house arrest, she has continued to have a faithful following of dedicated parents and loyal supporters who know her well and know that she is no monster, that she is not reckless, that she is a compassionate and highly skilled birth attendant.

So I am writing this post for you Agnes.

I believe in you. Don't give up.

Thank you for your love and care and for your dedication and loving service to women and babies.

I love you Agnes!

Please sign your name on the petition and spread the word about this most wronged lady.

Peace xxx

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