Thursday, 5 May 2011

35.....Things that make me happy

Well hello. How are you?

Today I am celebrating my 35th birthday. I am feeling pretty good. I am just a few pageviews shy of the big 500, so am thrilled that you folks seem to like the blog. I am LOVING it too - really enjoying the feedback, the private emails and all sorts of buzz and appreciation and love from you. Thank you! My head has started to swell just a little! It's a great feeling, especially since the last year was really tough and I was so heartbroken following the deaths of two dear ones.

So anyway, I thought since I am 35, that I'd write a wee list of my 35 fave things. Actually they may not be exactly, as I'm sure I'll think of more, but here are those I have the brains to think of right now....

35 things that make me happy

My wonderful husband. He is Top Banana, the bees knees, the BEST.

My four bright inspirations, Finn, Herbie, Indie and Alf. They teach me sooo much, and are full of love and life.

My crazy family at large. Love you all LOADS. Mrs. Sandy-pants Tahzima especially!!!

My friends. Mad and brilliant and groovy each in their own different ways.

My fluffy bearded collie, Martha.

Home Ed.


Flora n Fauna.




Breath-taking views.

Books, books, books.




Ina May Gaskin.

Weekends with friends.

Betty Dare.

Floral patterns.

My garden.

A uniform-free lifestyle.

Devendra Banhart.

Strawberries and Cream.

Our new Bell Tent.

Adventures in our campervan.

Hand-made fabric things of beauty.


Pete's home-made Mojitos.

Elizabeth Mitchell. (The musician, not the actress)


Brian Cox.

The Mighty Boosh.


Woody Guthrie.

And here's a little song for everyone, which I have been singing a lot lately :-)


  1. Happy Birthday to you - you young slip of a girl!
    Hope you have a fantastic day - you deserve it.
    best wishes, Julie.

  2. But where are the brown paper packages tied up with string?!

  3. Thanks Julie, I really enjoyed it and had a fun and friends-filled day.
    Viv, your handmade fabric thing of beauty is just lush, especially the shroominess of it! X