Friday, 19 April 2013

With my own two hands

Whilst trying to find the words to describe the mind-blowing thing that happened to me this week, this song came in on the breeze.... with my own two hands.....a song about the power we hold in our own two hands to change the world a tiny bit and make it better. This week, I was surprised and delighted to  catch a baby girl, with enormous love and a trembling heart, without fear, as she came into the world, with her mama and papa both magnificent and strong and beautifully doing their thing. Little girl was in a hurry and happy to come before the midwife arrived, and so it happened that I lovingly helped to create a sacred and trusting space for something beautiful to happen.... I am still a little in shock, but more than that I am a lot in love - with mama, papa and their little magic yurt-baby!!! Life is beautiful xxxxxxxx



  1. Peace & Love xxx

  2. I'm all covered in goosebumps! How wonderful, everything I aspire to! X

  3. Thanks and love to you both XX