Monday, 4 June 2012

From the archives : Meet Motherfunker interview with Zoe at Give an Earthly

I thought it would be nice to re-post this interview I gave last year for Zoe at Give an Earthly.

Re-reading it has been a great reminder to take my own advice and keep my dreams and goals in mind, and that they are precious, not silly! 


What dreams and goals are in your heart dear readers? 

Are you nudging yourself towards them?

What steps can you take to make them happen for yourself?

Xx MF xX


  1. taking your own advice is always the best advice :-)

  2. Lovely to read this and thank you for reminding me to keep my goals in mind. It's so easy to let life's clutter bury them and then you wonder why you're feeling all frustrated! I often use the trick of thinking back a few years to what my goals were then, see where I am now, and how it relates. Even if I changed the goal posts you can always see how much has been achieved. Good luck with all your goals too! And best wishes. x

  3. Think you Ross - our dreams are so important, and some of them change over the years but e ones that niggle and gnaw at us are worth listening to :-) x

  4. Thanks Paula :) Again loving it - don't have the marbles in my head at this time of night (by the time I get to the screen!) to read much more than a few paragraphs, maybe I need to modify my reading technique to get through more. I'm really sincere and want to know every word but, like you, am overrun by kids, questions, ideas, etc and being sincere is simply not the way to go anymore - it'll make me ill! Grab it up, put it down, live loudly and confidently, thats where i feel myself going this evening! Loved having more insight into life in your family and some true gems that hearten and coax me onwards in this wild often foggy world of ours :) x