Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Letting go and living in free-fall!

Hmmmm, it's been very, very hard these last couple of weeks as I want to jump up and down and be able to joyfully announce what we've been cookin' up.... but we've been hatching a *BIG* plan that is pretty life-changing, and turns our family life into a very different kind of gig. A much happier, free-flow gig, where mama gets to be equal carer with hubba hubba, and the sky's the limit! I am SO excited but we are still at the mercy of the gods and goddesses. After gripping on for dear life and trying to be in control of everything that's happening in our life, I am realising that sometimes we really really REALLY need to let go, to trust, to accept, and to just plain surrender to what the universe wishes. Smart judgement can only get us so far....and life will dish out what we need to be doing anyway. Not a gawd dang thing I can do about that one. So while we wait for certain secret things to play out, I am free-falling and hoping our parachutes will open before we hit the ground. Either that or even better - we realise we have wings and can fly! We have set a ball rolling, we have tried our best to do it kindly and with love, now we have to stand back and let it roll. Scary and exilirating. I promise I will be less cryptic soon.


As I mentioned in my last post, I was really super honoured to get a Versatile Blogger award :-) 

especially since it came from Ross Mountney, the well-respected home ed author of this 5* amazon rated book!

I am supposed to nominate 15 other Bloggers so guys here's what I'm going to do. Please look at my bloglist. I have these blogs here for a reason. It's because I read them regularly, and love what they've got to say. If you are in that list, consider yourself nominated, loved, and adored. You all get my five stars, and the reason I read your blogs is because they each teach me something about how to live bravely, humbly, imaginatively, with soul, with spirit, without fear - even if I don't manage that all the time and sometimes take to hiding in my shell and feeling unsure about life, the universe and everything  occasionally!!! At times like those, reading your wise words and drawing inspiration from you nudges me back into feeling more confident, capable, less alone in my joys and sorrows and a little wiser and more connected. So thank you for writing what you write and sharing your thoughts, feelings and soul.

One blog of note that I have been drawing a lot of inspiration from just lately is that of my friend Viv. Joyful, calm, wise and unpretentious, Viv does not hide her lamp under a bushel as such, but she doesn't promote herself nearly enough, and I adore her to bits. Her blog Grow, Nourish, Create, is not on my blogroll yet for some reason, but I read it a lot. Her Buddhist perspectives on life speak silently in my heart but resonate massively with their truth.

Well that's me done for tonight. Off to drink a cuppa tea, listen to the birds, and dream..... dream..... dream.....

What are you dreaming about my loves ?


  1. Wahoo. Sounds exciting!! Keeping you in my heart brave soul. Xxx and many congrats on the award!

  2. Woo! I feel so excited for you! I LOVE when you decide to roll with life's adventures and let yourself go - it's exhilarating, scary and most importantly WORTH IT. Even if you fall flat on your face!! But of course you won't... :) Congrats on the award too! xx

  3. Good luck with it all Motherfunker xx

  4. Thank you motherfunkers. You rock X

  5. Thanks for your plug, sweetie!!

    So happy for your excitement. I know you are already doing a lot of this, but thought you would like this article if you haven't already seen it:

    Mwah xxxx

  6. Loving what you've written here MF - that letting go thing, allowing life to move through you and allowing such fluency of words and openness of heart to flow shows you are truly on an inspired roll! Trust in the wave x x And I'm honoured to be on your blogroll, I have enjoyed finding other treasures on there too :) heartfelt thanks