Tuesday, 15 November 2011

November Gratituesday


Well a mixed up day here in our household. Joyous, beauteous, dear things and hideous news of unforgiveable foul play and treason to a dear one, all rolled up in one day. I am sad and aching with hurt that people can be so mean, calculated and selfish, but am cradled in love and compassion in my own heart and home. Thank goodness I had my gorgeous friend Nicole here with me - she was my rock today....

I've been meaning to do a gratitude post for a while, showcasing some beautiful gifts I have received this year from friends, so I'm doing an impromptu one tonight as I feel moved to give thanks for good people, for good things, for kindness, for thoughtfulness and caring.

Take a look at these lovely lovely cards and gifts :-)

Love Love Love each of you for these. 

Finn and Herbie - I love you for those beautiful pictures you drew last night that said 'I love you Mum and Dad' - just because you felt like it... Indie and Alf thank you for all your cuddles, massages, giggles and bounces even though you drove me a little nuts today at one point (having a waterpistol fight in the house (!) and I got angry about all the wet splashes and puddles you created...

Nicole I love you for being so inspiring, for your beautiful heart, for the pretty pretty candle you made for me with a special orchid flower that was precious to you....

Viv I love you for hearing me, for never judging, for your wisdom, humour, inspiration and hugs, for the fab mug rug you sewed up for me, the poems you sent, for being a real pal....

Em I love you for your enduring friendship and strength, inspiring me to keep going when things are tough, for the beautiful scarf and card....

Lucy I love you for your vision and heart, and thank you for the fab prize gift of a needle felted hand-made pouch full of Pukka tea bags (see the angel above - isn't she lovely) made by your own fair hands....

Julie I love you for being so sweet and good-hearted - the beautiful second pair of socks - Wow! I so wanted to keep those beauties!!! Thank you...

Pete I love you as ever anyway, but thank you for the lovely gift from Paris. How the heck did you have time for that you crazy gorgeous man? XXX

Kerrie - thank you for the really brilliant Rolf Harris CD and the pretty pretty card - and for the silly fun in a field laughing and being big kids we had this summer :-)

I am thankful for my amazing circle of home ed fellow Mamas (Post on this to come soon!) - each wise, witty, resourceful, funny, kind, and a little bit nutty in their own different ways!!! I love you all truly XXX

Well my gratitude flows out to all my friends, my family, each of you who knows and loves me and vice versa - I LOVE YOU ALL stupendously, ridunkulously and freakalicious amounts. 

You make me so grateful and glad to be alive!!!


Xx Motherfunker xX


  1. Lovely Motherfunker, you know you can burn that candle and save the flower, as the wax melts you can tease it out. then stick it somewhere lovely...
    much love x

  2. Sorry I haven't been posting my gratituesday posts lately. While I am always grateful, I am also extremely busy these days!! Thanks for keeping it going. I'll join in again soon.

  3. Ack! I missed this post and my socks get a mention! Thank you so much. You have made my day.
    best wishes, Julie.

  4. I'm so glad I gave thanks for you then! Hurray! X