Friday, 30 September 2011

Things are brightening up!

Following on from my last post, I thought I'd share some pics of how we are adding little touches to make the place feel sunnier and more colourful to last beyond the lovely weather we are now enjoying!

I cut out and laminated some of the Mandalas from the Kid's First Mandalas book I wrote about on my Colouring Mad post, and stuck them on hubby's newly cleaned office window right next to where he sits. I think they look awesome!

I also bought him some fabulous Gladioli, since he's working such long hours at the moment - to say thank you and make him smile.

I hung up a crystal that was sat in a silly place for a crystal to sit, and today it cast it's pretty rainbows all over the dining room.....

as you can see!

Check out this beautiful Cyclamen plant which was given to us yesterday by my mother in law - she is obviously well tuned in and hadn't even seen my last blog post - and came over with this winter-flowering beauty! Thank you Bernadette.

I thought you might this link for houseplants to brighten your home this winter :-)

I also moved this paperweight (who uses paperweights nowadays?) from a spot with no light, to the same sunny window you see in the photo above. It is now giving off it's pinky beauty when the sunbliught hits that window in the afternoons.

And look how pretty this window is now looking with a fab new orchid, and plasticine rainbow. Who needs Ikea?

and these multicoloured butterflies make my heart sing!

What to do with these pretty offcuts?

Little things, I know.

But lots of little things.... make this mama happy :-)


  1. Totally fabulous! We have those mandalas I might have to laminate a few myself - you are full of brilliant ideas - thank you xx